Thursday, November 15, 2012

These Little Things and a Trip to Donate...

In addition to going through the boxes in my room, I'm also going through some of the ones in the garage.  I found this box of bells and thimbles that my grandmother collected.  I've put some of them on auction here (as well as a couple of other items), am donating some of them directly, and had my mother choose one.  I think I will also choose one of the ones that don't sell for myself.  It's kind of emotional going through old boxes and finding things that were loved by a person I loved so dearly.  I hope they will all find their way to places where they will be loved and appreciated.

I took a small trip to the Goodwill and donated a few things, it's actually a little more than it looks like because the entire section is full, but I still need to do better!